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Egnyte's Content Collaboration and Governance is the Ideal Counterpoint to Coretelligent's Technical Expertise and Exceptional Response.

Organizations of all sizes are moving to the cloud, but there are additional hurdles for those who manage PII and are interested in making the leap. A hybrid deployment, i.e. the use of cloud and on-premises infrastructure,  provides enterprises with the flexibility, scalability, and security that is required in today's fast-paced collaboration.

The Challenges: Disparate Data, Regulatory Requirements and Legacy Systems

From limiting access to personally identifiable information to ensuring that patients can easily access their information, healthcare and life science industries face challenges from all sides. Legacy systems and the need for diverse individuals to have immediate data access add a significant amount of complexity to organizations already struggling to compete in a competitive market. The intricate regulatory requirements add complications as well.

The Solution: Scalable Data Storage and Collaboration

Imagine providing constituents with access to the data that they need -- and only the data they need -- quickly and efficiently and in full regulatory compliance. The partnership between Coretelligent and Egnyte can make this a reality for any organization.

Scalability Beyond the Cloud

While traditional cloud deployments are acceptable for many types of businesses, the biotech and life sciences have unique use cases. Technology leaders at Coretelligent needed a more elegant solution that supported workflows and integrations throughout an organization, without sacrificing the integrity or security of the data at a granular level. File sharing, external collaboration and the ability to share sensitive data outside the organization were all requirements. Egnyte's ability to integrate seamlessly with existing systems and on-premises file servers helped make the combined solution seamless to the mutual clientele of Coretelligent and Egnyte.

Reduced Complexity

Coretelligent's customers are already familiar with their stellar and proactive service levels, and the partnership with Egnyte adds the benefit of smooth workflows throughout the organization. Many organizations are struggling with how to integrate and manage a large variety of data sources. Pairing Egnyte's cutting-edge platform with Coretelligent's laser focus on the customer relationship allows organizations to scale quickly and efficiently – with on-going support to extend the platform as needed.

Deeper Understanding of Functionality

Coretelligent has a lot of time becoming familiar with Egnyte product offerings. This allows teams to configure Egnyte software in a way that will work most effectively for clients. Recent mutual customer Third Rock Ventures saw first-hand the value provided by the partnership:

  • Better understanding of capabilities of the premiere file sync and share provider
  • Scalable file transfers
  • Better collaboration through hybrid file platform strategy
  • Coretelligent manages end-to-end security
  • Full integration with current (and future) systems

When organizations have a full and deep understanding of the software and how it’s interconnected, it allows for better business decisions to be made, based on data -- not hunches. This competitive advantage is huge when considering the value of fast innovation and collaboration in this space.

Contact us today to learn how Coretelligent and Egnyte work together to support advanced data structures, all while protecting data security and ensuring regulatory compliance.

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