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Read our case study to learn how one client improved their compliance practice.

IT Compliance Management Software and Compliance Strateg

A Finance Client Implements CoreComply: A Case Study

An existing financial service client needed a more centralized and full-bodied IT compliance management software and strategy solution to improve their compliance response. The firm had undergone an audit that highlighted gaps that needed to be addressed moving forward. They also needed to institute a better system for managing third-party risk and responding to DDQ and cyber insurance requests. Read the case study to learn how implementing CoreComply resolved their compliance challenges.

IT Compliance Management Software and Compliance Strategy

What’s Your Compliance Challenge?

I am worried about personal liability.”

I am concerned that we will not pass our audit.”

We need better strategic guidance.”

What is a Compliance Management Solution?

A compliance management software solution is a comprehensive software solution that helps businesses manage their governance, risk management, and compliance needs. It can help streamline compliance management by automating processes, reducing silos, identifying risks, creating reports, and more—all in one central location.

When partnered with the right compliance strategy, a solution can save companies time and money, ensure compliance, and enable them to focus on core operations.

IT Compliance Management Software and Compliance Strategy

What can a compliance solution do for you?

Prepare for an audit:

Implementing a compliance solution can help companies quickly and accurately assess their compliance with industry regulations and laws, which can be invaluable when undergoing an audit.


Reduce risk:

A compliance management solution can help companies identify potential risks before they become serious problems and take the necessary steps to reduce risk levels.


 Automate compliance processes:

Automating compliance activities can streamline processes to reduce costs, produce efficiencies, and ensure accuracy.


Implement strategy:

Working with a strategic partner to create a roadmap can solve your compliance challenges now and in the future, reducing your workload and risk.


Resolve 3rd party risk:

The right compliance solution includes the option for third-party risk management controls to manage and mitigate the risks from vendor relationships.


Simplify reporting:

Whether for a due diligence request or cyber insurers, you can streamline reporting improve accuracy, and reduce the response time.


IT Compliance Management Software and Compliance Strategy

Why You Need Compliance Solution

With the right tool in place, companies can make better decisions based on data-driven insights and gain efficiency in their operations. Investing in a solution is essential for any business that wants to remain competitive, reduce risk, and realize cost savings. With a combined compliance management software and strategy solution, companies can confidently manage their compliance obligations and stay ahead of the competition.

Additionally, a compliance solution will enable your firm to break down the silos that make managing enterprise risk, compliance, third-party risk management, and responding to DDQ requests and audits difficult. As a result, your firm can benefit from a more comprehensive and directed response to the often-overlapping risks that modern firms must address to be competitive and successful.

IT Compliance Solved

  • Proactively manage risk and compliance obligations

  • Identify areas of improvement and make the necessary changes to reduce risk

  • Increase confidence in decision-making by leveraging data-driven insights

  • Improve overall performance efficiency, cost savings, and profitability

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Specialized Compliance Solution for Financial Services

Coretelligent has years of experience serving VC, PE, family offices, and wealth management firms. We understand the nuanced needs of various financial service organizations—and we deliver Managed and Co-Managed IT  and Digital Transformation solutions tailored to the needs financial services organizations, including compliance, cybersecurity, and more. We service over 275 financial services clients. We know your industry.

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CoreComply Delivers Compliance Management Software and Strategy in One Solution

  • Compliance Strategy & Industry Expertise

  • Integrated Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

  • Compliance Platform

  • Policy Creation & Implementation

  • Gap Analysis & Ongoing Remediation

  • Audit Support

  • Comprehensive Quarterly & Annual Reports

IT Compliance for Financial Services

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