As the need for security increases in the industry, it’s becoming more important to have the right cyber security partner on your side. If you’re currently looking to protect your business against threats, it’s crucial to find a managed services provider (MSP) that has exactly what your company needs. Here are three things to look for in the right cyber security MSP.

Understands the regulatory environment: Compliance regulations can often be confusing, which is why you need an MSP who works with other firms in your space. It’s not enough to find someone who is a good IT service provider – that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the experience you’re looking for. Instead, look for an MSP that truly understands the regulatory environment you live in and aligns compliance with your other business objectives.

Full IT lifecycle provider: Because cyber security is overarching and integrated into so many of your systems, you want to have a partner that can support your entire IT ecosystem. Choosing a partner that is a full IT lifecycle provider will ensure that they can provide everything from technical support to projects to strategic road mapping. Utilizing an MSP that can overlay cyber security best practices and services in a holistic way will markedly improve your overall security posture.

Relevant experience: When looking for the right MSP, you don’t want to turn a blind eye to their experience, or lack thereof. It’s important to find a partner that not only has knowledge of the space but also has relevant experience working in that space. What’s more, choose an MSP that doesn’t shy away from sharing specific stories about how they meet their other clients’ compliance and security needs. And if possible, ask for references. This will help you avoid choosing someone who simply “talks the talk” but can’t “walk the walk.”

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Author: Erik Herring, Sales Engineer, Coretelligent

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