Professional service organizations come in all shapes and sizes: from the smallest law firm or accountancy to multi-billion dollar biotech firms in the life sciences sector. While the companies seem quite different at first blush, they often share a common challenge: finding the right IT support that allows the professionals to focus on their core competencies. Forward progress happens when experts are able to intensify their dedication to honing their craft — and all the extra time wasted rebuilding a server or creating new network profiles as a part-time IT technician takes away from productive time. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for smaller companies to command the resources needed to support the robust technology needs of a growing business. This is one of the reasons why so many professional service organizations are turning to technical experts to help solve their operations infrastructure crisis.

Smooth Operations Boost Forward Progress

It’s nearly impossible to be fully committed to your work when you are continually interrupted by small frustrations such as missing files, slow networks and even major problems such as a security breach. Knowledge workers need to be able to commit their time and intellect to solving big problems, but that is nearly impossible when your IT infrastructure is not up to par. Creating a seamless base for your operations requires a deep level of knowledge of current technology trends as well as the enterprise-grade platforms that will help protect your client information and any proprietary details that are being stored within your business systems. Without smooth operations forming a foundation for your professional services firm, the road to success will be needlessly twisted and bumpy.

Tightly Manage Internal Compliance and Control

Regulatory compliance can be extremely complicated, particularly when you’re working outside a single state or internationally. Nearly every industry has some sort of regulatory body in charge of ensuring you are meeting minimum standards and requirements for data storage and privacy, quality of work, financial handling procedures, medical information management and more. As your organization evolves, are you confident that your current processes are meeting the changing regulatory standards? If not, it may be most efficient to gain assistance from IT experts who are familiar with the requirements and can help implement them into your operational processes and procedures. There is a growing need for regulatory technology, and with requirements changing on a near-daily basis, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your company is fully compliant with these standards. Failure to comply with regulations can have significant penalties — up to and including criminal litigation, extensive fines or even imprisonment in the most extreme cases.

Finding the Right Technical Talent in a Tight Market

Even with the recent COVID-19 crisis resulting in millions of Americans being furloughed or losing their positions, there are still significant gaps in finding (and affording!) the technical talent needed for a professional organization. Diversification is crucial when you’re not able to bring multiple technical professionals onboard to specialize, and you will assuredly lose depth of knowledge in this situation. Finding the right individuals who are willing and able to support a growing professional services firm is a challenge that few of these entities have time for, particularly when you consider the growing skills gap in technology.

When you make decisions based on a solid IT strategy, you can be confident that your business is headed in the right direction. The team at Coretelligent works relentlessly to ensure that your company has the tools and information needed to remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. Contact the Coretelligent experts at 855-841-5888 or via email to to schedule a complimentary initial consultation. From multi-faceted security and compliance protocols to advanced cloud management platforms and disaster recovery, we invest heavily in emerging technology to provide your business with the best solutions on the market.

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