Defense-in-depth Multi-layered Cybersecurity

Within weeks after the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, the company was already facing two class-action lawsuits. In the latest filing, gas station owners allege that Colonial Pipeline “intentionally, willfully, recklessly, or negligently” failed to secure their critical infrastructure from cyberthreats adequately. The cost of defending these lawsuits can be added to the amount of revenue lost during the 5-day shutdown, the $4.4M ransom Colonial paid to hackers, and the estimated tens of millions of dollars it will take to restore their systems.

Independent audits commissioned by Colonial in 2018 acknowledged their inadequate cybersecurity protections before the cyber attack, including the avenue the hackers utilized to breach their systems. This detail implies that Colonial could have avoided the attack if they had implemented the recommended changes.

When was your company’s last vulnerability assessment? Have you made the recommended improvements? Do you know how to address your security vulnerabilities?

Are you putting your business at risk because of your deficient posture?

What is at stake from a ransomware attack?

  • Financial loss from shutdowns and restoration efforts
  • Reputational damage
  • Fines and penalties from regulators
  • Permanent loss of proprietary data
  • Exposure of confidential and proprietary data
  • Costly lawsuits from clients, employees, and others impacted by data breaches or loss of productivity from stoppages
  • The complete failure and dissolution of your company

Could you defend your current strategy to investors and regulators if a breach occurred?


Escalating Threats

The potential risks from a deficient or merely adequate cybersecurity posture are just too significant. The escalating cyber threat landscape requires a rigorous, dynamic, and proactive security strategy. The only way to truly protect your firm from cyber threats is with a robust cybersecurity position. The most secure approach is utilizing multi-layered protection, often referred to as defense-in-depth. Without this method, your company is an easy target for threat actors, and it could even be considered negligent in the event of cybersecurity incidents.

To provide some context—your lax security approach is just as negligent as leaving your front door wide open and announcing to the world that you are out of town for the week.


Defense-in-depth Multi-layered Cybersecurity

This infographic demonstrates the multi-layered approach to security, specific best practices, and their associated Coretelligent solutions.


What Does Multi-layered Security Strategy Encompass?

Defense-in-depth is a system of overlapping security layers that range from easy-to-implement controls to complex security tools. These layers are designed to create an interlocking barrier, not unlike the security system at your home, which might include a door with a deadbolt, motion-detection lights, security cameras, and an alarm system that act as overlapping protections designed to safeguard your home. These individual protections combine to work as a system that is continuously protecting your home. Multi-layered cybersecurity operates in the same manner. And just like your home security defends on two fronts—as a deterrent to criminals and as a barrier for any criminals foolish enough to attempt to break in—a strong cybersecurity posture defends on two fronts.

Our defense-in-depth infographic highlights the cybersecurity best practices that Coretelligent employs including next-generation firewalls, endpoint detection and response, patch management and security updates, access management policies, advanced spam filtering, and more.


Coretelligent’s Multi-layered Cybersecurity Solution

Looking to evaluate your organization’s current security coverage? Use our Cybersecurity Evaluation Checklist to help you appraise your firm’s cybersecurity readiness. This checklist is a jumping-off point to help your enterprise determine its ability to mitigate the risk of cyberattacks before it is too late.



After completing the checklist, reach out for questions about how Coretelligent can help to strengthen your cybersecurity. Learn more about what we offer, including cloud-based solutions, backup and business continuity services, IT planning and strategy, compliance solutions, and more here.


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