The one thing you can’t find more of is time, and that’s particularly true for IT departments that are already overtaxed and looking for ways to reduce their workload. When your business infrastructure is slow, your productivity suffers, you risk frustrating customers and staff members and there are even a variety of security risks associated with systems that are not kept up-to-date. Scaling a business onsite can be a challenge for biotech firms because the majority of your technical talent is likely focused on innovation, research, and business applications. Strategically managing your workload starts with determining the core competencies of your business. See how scaling your business starts with managing how — and where — your critical business systems are hosted and managed.

Benefits of Outsourced IT Services

When you find a true technology partner, that organization and group of individuals will work hard to make your business successful. With outsourced IT services, you are gaining the insight of dozens of seasoned resources to help solve your tough business challenges. These IT professionals are likely at the top of their field and focus on continual education as a way to add value to their clients. The near-constant state of change that exists in the biotech world requires quick responses to business stimuli, something that is much easier when you have a flexible infrastructure that allows your business to scale seamlessly.

Providing Consistent Service at Reduced Costs

Keeping your costs under control is a consideration for any business, and many organizations find that IT managed services help reduce unexpected costs and maintain greater consistency in budgeting. With IT managed services, you generally write a contract with your partner that defines in great detail the types of services that are offered as part of your monthly charges. This could be anything from infrastructure and networking maintenance, active monitoring of your security posture, usage reporting, Help Desk support, device management and more. These services are often configurable, allowing you to create the ideal structure for your business needs. This is all while maintaining agreed-upon service levels and the expected speed of your network and business applications.

Smooth Growth, Improved Productivity

Slow computers are not something that people are willing to overlook — they can cause vast levels of frustration and dramatically lowered productivity levels within your organization. Downtime is extremely costly in businesses, especially in technology-based businesses such as biotech or pharmaceutical firms. Even an hour of network downtime can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and productivity. Working with an outsourced IT partner also allows you the ability to improve your operational flexibility by quickly branching new servers or developing new applications.

When you’re ready to expand your business securely and without frustration, contact the professionals at Coretelligent today at 1-855-841-5888 or via email to Our co-managed IT services are best-in-class, and we provide a high degree of security to each of our clients. Whether you need help with your network infrastructure, backup and disaster recovery or data compliance strategies, you will receive the personalized support that your biotech business deserves.

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