Did you know that there’s a hidden risk to your law firm, one that can rarely be seen until it’s too late? The security of your data and information systems is extremely tempting to cyberattackers who are focused on gaining illegal access to confidential business and personal information. Everything from the mobile phones used by your attorneys to the cloud-based program that you’re using for file storage are potential targets for dedicated hackers. These are only a few of the reasons that dedicated and proactive cybersecurity is essential for your law firm.

Cybersecurity Risks for Law Firms

While all organizations are vulnerable to cyberattacks, law firms are increasingly finding themselves to be the target of these security breaches due to the nature of their business. According to Thomson Reuters, cybersecurity is the number one anxiety for the management teams of law firms. This isn’t surprising considering that some security professionals believe that nearly every major law firm has been the target of hacking in the past. Lawyers have an ethical responsibility under the ABA’s Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility to “use reasonable effort when communicating client confidential information using the internet”, but how can you define “reasonable effort”? Attorneys must notify clients if their sensitive information has been compromised — which is likely to significantly erode client trust in the firm.

Hidden Costs of a Data Breach

A data breach can come in a variety of different forms, but it can be extremely difficult to fully quantify the costs associated with a data breach. There are the direct costs such as paying any ransoms or consultant fees to regain access to your information or track down the cause of the breach. What may not be quite as visible is the lost revenue to your firm from current clients who decide to shift their business to another firm, or future clients who take their business elsewhere. Fortunately, there are steps that you can taketo help reduce the risk of loss due to a cybersecurity breach.

Safeguarding Your Reputation

One of the most valuable assets that a professional organization has is the reputation of trust that is cultivated within your community. It is an unfortunate reality that cybersecurity incidents often receive widespread negative coverage in local media, which can be disastrous for your organization. Your law firm needs to be able to prove that you’re taking the necessary steps to protect not only your firm’s information systems but also the confidential and personal information that is being stored within your telecommunications infrastructure. Protecting information assets requires a dedicated effort and a cohesive focus on system security and creating protective policies and procedures.

Many law firms continue to lag behind other industries due to the large scale of the effort involved in securing systems as well as the cost of performing this work internally. Fortunately, the technology professionals at Coretelligent can provide you with the tools and training that your staff needs to maintain client privacy at all times. See how our CoreArmor solution can help lower your cybersecurity risk and increase your peace of mind today by calling 855-841-5888 for a complimentary initial consultation for your law firm.

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