Phishing Awareness Toolkit

According to KnowBe4, 37.9% of employees will fall for a phishing email. Can your organization afford that level of risk?

End-user awareness training is one of the most effective and affordable cybersecurity practices businesses can implement. And educating employees on how to spot phishing emails is an ideal place to start.

To that end, we are sharing a free toolkit that includes phishing training resources. Please take five minutes to download our free Phishing Awareness Toolkit to build phishing alertness among your team.

How Vulnerable is Your Organization? This Toolkit includes the following assets:

  • The Case for End-User Awareness Training
  • Ten Telltale Signs of a Phishing Attack
  • Don’t Get Hooked Poster
  • Can You Spot the Phishing Attempt?

A phishing awareness training program can help you prevent costly phishing attacks that could also bring penalties and sanctions for falling out of compliance. Download the free Phishing Awareness Toolkit by completing the form.

Start Building Phishing Awareness Today