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Transforming IT Support for Enhanced Operational Scale and Strategic Alignment

Discover how Coretelligent’s white-glove approach delivered a comprehensive IT Support to enhance the operation scale of our customer by:

  • Handling User Support
  • Overhauling their Ticketing System
  • Upgrading their VPN to minimize disruptions
  • Modernize their existing tech
  • Integrating multiple systems from previous acquisitions

Success Story


Following their acquisition by a progressive private equity firm that understood the immense benefits of outsourcing, our customer aimed to partner with a top-tier IT service provider. Their ambition was not only to meet but also exceed IT standards.

They needed to enhance user support, elevate their technological infrastructure, fortify security and compliance, and fully utilize automation. All this was with a vision to create a scalable system fostering consistent growth and innovation.


360 Support delivered the necessary 24/7/365 U.S-based IT support our customer required, ensuring that its systems were always up-to-date and running smoothly, allowing the company to focus on growth.

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