• Cybersecurity Challenges Lurk Around Every Corner for Life Sciences Companies

    A recent ransomware attack against a Michigan healthcare billing organization reveals what some consider to be one of the biggest cybersecurity threats for health sciences companies to date: vendor partners who are unable to maintain adequate security for their operations. This data breach potentially exposed the personal, health and financial information for over 600,000 residents, according to the Michigan attorney general.
  • Why Cybersecurity is Essential for Your Law Firm

    Did you know that there's a hidden risk to your law firm, one that can rarely be seen until it’s too late? The security of your data and information systems is extremely tempting to cyberattackers who are focused on gaining illegal access to confidential business and personal information. Everything from the mobile phones used by your attorneys to the cloud-based program that you're using for file storage are potential targets for dedicated hackers. These are only a few of the reasons that dedicated and proactive cybersecurity is essential for your law firm.
  • Is Your Law Firm Doing Everything Possible to Protect Client Data?

    Working with client information can be a challenge, especially when your staff needs immediate access to sensitive data. Law firm technology professionals have been wrestling with the thorny problem of balancing information access with security and compliance for many years, but is your law firm taking all possible steps to protect personal and confidential client data? Here are a few of the ways that law firms are protecting their clients -- and their infrastructure -- from cybercrime.
  • How to Become a Cyber Security Expert

    Becoming a cyber security expert starts with a thorough understanding of the various systems that can interconnect within any business. This isn't information that you can gather overnight, or by simply studying a few books -- it takes time and experience to see how everything works together. There are thousands of computer systems and literally millions of ways that systems and software can be configured together. The change in the cyber security industry on an annual basis is staggering, so it's imperative to be a lifelong learner if you're interested in becoming a cyber security expert. Here are some ways to become a cyber security expert.