Windows 10 is coming. Granted, Windows 10 has been around quite a while and has already established pretty solid momentum as a desktop operating system. Microsoft continues to push the envelope, though, to get more businesses and individuals to make the switch and upgrade to Windows 10.

The latest move is that Microsoft is making Windows 10 a “recommended update” within the Windows Update system, which will cause it to download and install on systems set to automatically install recommended updates. Are you ready for that?

There are a number of things you should consider before answering that question. Are your existing software and servers compatible with Windows 10? Will the printers and other peripherals you rely on work with Windows 10? Can you revert to an earlier version of Windows if you run into problems?

Coretelligent engineers Mike Joseph and Michael Kachanis shared these six tips you should follow before you decide to upgrade your systems to Windows 10…

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