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Timothy Keshian

Senior Vice President of Client Services

As senior vice president of client services, Tim is responsible for ensuring the success of Coretelligent’s customers through strategic technology projects. He works closely with customers to provide regular strategic recommendations to help them meet their short and long-term business goals while staying ahead of their competition.

Tim leads a disciplined process for developing an IT roadmap, a critical driver for consistently high productivity and overall business success. His comprehensive methodology, defined over nearly 10 years in IT services, focuses on defining business needs first in order to help organizations make informed decisions about IT infrastructure and allocating resources, now and for the future. Through proactive planning and collaboration, Tim’s business and technical expertise enable clients to seamlessly operate day-to-day, effectively anticipate and institute change, and realize a return on their IT investment.

Tim is no stranger to helping clients stay ahead of the curve. After graduating from Bentley College, Tim started on the frontlines at Coretelligent where he honed his skills and uncompromising customer-centric philosophy. From his first-hand experience holding every client-facing service role at Coretelligent to becoming the head of client services responsible for the remote and onsite technical teams, Tim has helped build the best-in-class service organization that the company is today.

When he is not dedicating time to helping clients get better business results, Tim enjoys sailing whenever possible. On land, Tim is an avid cyclist and, of course, keeps on the leading edge of all things technology.

Timothy Keshian