Our Team

Here's what some of our talented team members have to say about working at Coretelligent

Adam N., Principal Engineer
"During a Friday, Halloween-night snow storm, a relatively new client lost power. When power was restored, it was discovered that their file server had suffered 'fatal damage,' and would no longer turn on. We worked through the weekend to rebuild the server and restore all of the data. On Monday morning, when we checked in with end users to ensure they weren’t having any issues accessing the new server, people responded with, 'No, why, did something happen?' It’s not very often you can suffer a major outage like that and have no one be the wiser the following business day. This just goes to show how something as oft-forgotten and undervalued as backups, combined with a well-executed recovery plan, can make all the difference."

Bill F., Senior Client Support Engineer
"There is such a broad variety of problems we encounter as engineers. Most require a unique approach as there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. This keeps things interesting and keeps everyone sharp. I feel like I’m a part of my client's team, working with users to eliminate their technical challenges."

Brian M., Staff Accountant
"Coretelligent really values its employees, and there’s a high level of dedication among employees to the company. I also like the fast-paced work environment and team collaboration."

Damir K., Principal Engineer
"The variety of customer environments allows us to stay motivated and engaged as we're frequently asked to provide new solutions to new problems. Personally, it's been very interesting to help once small startups go through their lifecycle and grow to the point of being acquired by large corporate enterprises. We were there from almost the inception through all the various stages of business growth."

Ed R., Client Support Engineer
“Working with Coretelligent has been a great experience. The team collaboration is a critical part of our daily operations; we all work together to reach a common goal, no matter what the task.”

Janice B., Project Manager
"The best thing about working at Coretelligent is the camaraderie among the entire team. It’s a place where questions are welcome and everyone is willing to help and teach each other every day."

Jen W., Client Services Administrator

"I like working at Coretelligent because of the fast-paced and challenging environment. Also, we’ve got a great team of smart and talented people who are collaborative and supportive all around."

Kristen C., Client Services Administrator
“I like working at Coretelligent because it’s a multi-faceted company that offers many different services to meet individual client needs. Also, there’s a truly collaborative team environment, which new employees feel from day one, and clients benefit from as well. What really sets us apart, however, is the depth and breadth of our team’s impressive industry experience.”

Nina T., Operations Administrator
“The opportunities at Coretelligent are limitless. I really enjoy working here because I’ve been able to lead a range of projects that directly impact different departments – everything from finance to business development – and I don’t get bored doing the same repetitive thing every day.”

Ryan H., Client Support Engineer
"I like being part of a team that I trust and respect. We have each other’s backs. It’s a great environment to learn and further my career."

Tim Z., Senior Client Support Engineer
"The best thing about working at Coretelligent is being able to tap into the collective knowledge of an incredibly talented engineer team. Having such resources available not only benefits our clients, but is also great for personal development as an IT engineer."