As businesses of all sizes continue to be targeted by cyber threats, having the right partner on your side can make all the difference both from a cost and reputational standpoint. That’s why choosing the right managed services provider (MSP) is crucial for managing risk and ensuring your business’ success. If you’re currently shopping for a cyber security provider, here are three things to avoid.

Lack of clarity: No one should buy something blindly. You must ensure that a provider’s offering aligns with your business objectives. In order to avoid going in blind, look for a partner that can clearly communicate outcomes as it relates to your risk mitigation goals and compliance needs. Evaluate the service they’re offering and make sure that they’re really clear on what it is they are actually delivering. Press them on how those deliverables will meet your business goals.

Non-comprehensive tools and strategies: While it’s expected that cyber security MSPs will know how to protect your network, not all tools and strategies are equal. When looking for the right partner, avoid those that just watch your firewall but don’t comprehensively monitor the entire environment. Quality providers don’t neglect tools such as a SIEMM (security information and management) that offer more comprehensive visibility.

One-size-fits-all solution: Lastly, avoid MSPs that can’t tailor their managed security solutions according to your needs. Every business, depending on its size and scope, has its own levels of risk. Therefore, look out for partners that can’t customize your package or bundle to match your individual cyber security needs.

Choosing the right cyber security MSP is crucial for the life of your business. While finding the right partner can be a challenge, taking the time to evaluate candidates and ask the right questions can make all the difference. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, reach out to the Coretelligent team, and we can provide straightforward answers to your questions and concerns.

Discover what Coretelligent’s customized approach to IT can do for you. Start by learning more about our company or speaking with one of our representatives to request your free cyber security health assessment.

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