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The cost of non-compliance is nearly three times the average cost of compliance.

CoreComply Delivers

  • Compliance Strategy & Industry Expertise

  • Integrated Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

  • Compliance Platform

  • Policy Creation & Implementation

  • Gap Analysis

  • Audit Support

  • Comprehensive Quarterly & Annual Reports


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How Do I Know What Regulations I Need to Follow?

There are three main factors in determining what compliance requirements may apply to your business.

  • Industry – Certain industries are required to follow very specialized regulations.
  • Location – Various countries and states have implemented disparate sets of privacy laws.
  • Size – Other regulations only apply to businesses of a certain size, whereas smaller businesses may be exempt.

Each of these factors can determine what regulations or standards your business is required to follow. For example, if you are a financial services firm operating in the United States, you may be subject to certain regulations and not others.

Data Privacy Compliance

Compliance Regulations or Standards by Industry

Depending on the above factors, your company could be required to comply with the following.

All Industries

  • GDPR
  • Other State Regulations

Financial Services

  • SOX
  • SEC

Life Sciences

  • SOX

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