CoreArmor: Cyber Security Solutions

Lower risk and cost while increasing peace of mind with CoreArmor

CoreArmor represents a dedicated, holistic approach to addressing the growing challenges of cyber security across organizations of all sizes and industry verticals.

Protecting information assets - whether the data belongs to you, your partners or your customers - is crucial. Keeping up with the constant evolution of security threats while managing a growing portfolio of discrete solutions is time-consuming and expensive. There is a better way.

Coretelligent's cyber security solutions eliminates the need for you to deploy and manage a myriad of products from multiple vendors to effectively detect and prioritize information security threats.

CoreArmor benefits include:

  • SIEM and Log Management
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation
  • Intrusion Detection and Response
  • Behavioral Monitoring
  • Asset Discovery
  • Reporting (General & Compliance Driven)
  • 360 Protection/Defense-in-Depth (DiD) strategy