Core BDR: Data Recovery Solution

CoreBDR is a state of the art data backup and recovery solution that safeguards an organization’s assets from data loss.

CoreBDR is available to organizations hosting their own on-premise infrastructures as well as those that are hosted in cloud environments, like Coretelligent’s CoreCloud. It offers significantly improved performance, security and scalability over other solutions, along with a highly efficient condensing process and clean pricing model.

The problem with many traditional third-party cloud-based backup and data recovery solutions is that they only backup flat files in a single location. As a result, if a virtual machine (VM) were to become corrupt, it would take additional time to bring a new VM online before data recovery can even begin.

CoreBDR modernizes this process by allowing for the restoration of both the VM and the relevant data in a single, high performance one-step process. This process, supported by CoreCloud’s geo-diversified data centers, enables the quick restoration of data in the event of an outage, data corruption or operating system failure.

CoreBDR services include:

  • Granular, fast and efficient backups and data recovery
  • Highly secure Veeam encryption secures backups at the source, in-flight and at rest
  • Data stored in secure, logically discreet buckets within Coretelligent’s storage platform
  • Integrates with and backs up VMs, flat files and application specific data (Exchange, SQL, etc.)
  • Agentless backup means there are no agents to license, deploy, manage or monitor on hosts or VMs
  • Built-in WAN acceleration
  • Instant VM and file-level recovery
  • Compression and deduplication included
  • FINRA and MA 201 CMR 17 compliant