Senior Leadership

    • Kevin J. Routhier

      Kevin J. Routhier

      Founder and CEO
    • Christine McMurray

      Christine McMurray

      Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
    • George Kostakos

      George Kostakos

      Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel
    • Christopher Messer

      Christopher Messer

      Senior Vice President of Technology
    • Timothy Keshian

      Timothy Keshian

      Senior Vice President of Client Services
    • Jason Rossi

      Jason Rossi

      Senior Vice President of Business Development


  • Jason Baron

    Jason Baron

    Vice President of Service Delivery
  • Michael Cestroni

    Michael Cestroni

    Vice President of Business Development
  • Brian Fraser

    Brian Fraser

    Vice President of the Western Region
  • Janet Desaulniers

    Janet Desaulniers

    Director of Procurement