Reliable, Secure IT Infrastructure

Having a reliable, secure IT infrastructure is a necessity today. It also provides competitive advantage in these days of cyber security threats. Coretelligent understands that operations are mission-critical to your success. With a team of seasoned, dedicated financial and technology experts, Coretelligent can assure that you will have the support you need when it counts. Coretelligent’s IT platform gives you the capacity to focus on what’s most important: your business.

IT Support Services

In the financial services industry, having a solid IT infrastructure is not just an advantage — it’s a necessity. From SEC-regulated archiving and backups, to mission-critical trading software, you can’t afford to take chances. We specialize in providing hedge funds with knowledgeable, dedicated IT staff. With a range of pricing options, from fixed price-per-seat agreements to full-time placements, we can suit any sized client’s needs. We provide consulting, managed services, start-up and relocation services, and of course, work with top-notch technology providers that help too.

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