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SharePoint Benefits

Leverage SharePoint to optimize your organization’s efficiency:

 Level up team collaboration for improved productivity

Keep your remote workers connected with secure accessibility

Improve document management with enhanced permissions and version control

Save time with streamlined file search and storage

Lower costs by eliminating third-party platforms

Supercharge processes with automated SharePoint workflow solutions

Alert, educate, and inform your teams with intranet and knowledge sites

Gain a customizable solution that will grow with you as you scale

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What is your productivity challenge?

“Our remote teams need a better way to collaborate securely.”

“We need a searchable document management system.”

“Time and cost are being wasted on tasks that could be automated.”

How Our SharePoint Consultants Can Help

  • Custom SharePoint collaboration site creation

    Built to fit the unique needs of your team, including intranet and knowledge management sites

  • Migration

    From on-premise SharePoint to SharePoint online, or from your existing intranet provider

  • Optimization

    Configured to optimize syncing, search, and speed

  • Integration

    Including automated SharePoint workflows and connected apps using Power Platform tools like Power Automate and Power Apps

  • Training for greatest user adoption

    So you can confidently create, move, sync, and more

  • Maintenance, Enhancement, Support Services

    To keep your team running at its peak

Find out how a SharePoint implementation can help your business.

Why select Coretelligent for SharePoint development services?

MS Gold Partner

As a longstanding MS Gold Partner, we have longevity with SharePoint, including experience working with both on-premise and online iterations of the product and implementing SharePoint migration strategy. Coretelligent’s SharePoint consultants will ensure your collaboration sites include the features, policies, and integrations necessary to keep your teams running smoothly.

Cortelligent's UI/UX experts working on SharePoint development services.

UI/UX Specialization

Our digital transformation team, CoreDTS, brings a complementary combination of SharePoint development and UI/UX (user interface/user experience) expertise to every digital transformation engagement. This approach allows us to create a more robust experience for your users by ensuring your SharePoint collaboration site is not only well-architected but enticing to use.

Expertise Rooted in Experience

Our SharePoint consultants have a long history of improving operational workflows. Our expertise with MS 365 allows us to identify and create workflow automation and integration opportunities using Power Automate, Power Apps, and more. We keep a pulse on the latest developments and innovations with SharePoint and the MS suite, ensuring you are maximizing your investment with a holistic strategy that will continue to serve you as you grow and scale.

Coretelligent SharePoint consultants explaining SharePoint development services, migration strategy, workflow, and more.

SharePoint Business Use Cases

Financial Services

  • Built automations to identify and protect sensitive financial information within SharePoint collaboration sites using Sensitivity Labels.

Life Sciences

  • Developed a SharePoint intranet portal for a biotech research firm to store and manage operational documents.

Professional Services

  • Reduced annual on-premise server costs by migrating to SharePoint online and adding efficiency with workflow automation.

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SharePoint Case Study

Download a case study to learn how our SharePoint development services can help improve collaboration, reduce risk, provide cost savings, and deliver document management.

Coretelligent's Document Management with Sharepoint Development Services Case Study