Core Values

Our core values shape who we are and how we behave. These are the six core values that we live by.

Listen and Understand

We create real value for clients when we listen closely to their goals and challenges and understand their issues - even those not yet articulated. We're at our best as strategic advisors and problem solvers when we fully grasp a situation. The extra effort we put in to listening and understanding each other fosters the best kind of teamwork, making Coretelligent a great place to work.

Be Responsive and Reliable

We wake up every day knowing companies completely rely on us, so they can focus on what matters. The only way clients will have 110% confidence in our team is when we commit to communicating consistently with a caring attitude, and providing only practical technology solutions that enable companies to flawlessly perform and stay competitive. By being proactive problem solvers who are readily available, we know we will earn our clients' trust.

Act Accountable

We're fully accountable for our communication, recommendations and actions. We don't play the blame-game, but instead put effort in to making things work. Doing the right thing always gets the right results.

Exemplify Honesty and Transparency

We only conduct business honestly and ethically. If we can't respect ourselves, then how could we expect anyone else to. Being straightforward is the best way to operate - even if you don’t always like what you hear.

Share Goals

The pursuit of shared goals is the foundation for an enduring relationship that pays dividends. When we collaborate and chart a course together, we know we will enable our clients and empower ourselves to achieve superior business performance.

Be Passionate

We have a passion for what we do, and we have fun doing it. This creates a vibrant environment that attracts talented people, keeps us on the cutting-edge and promotes loyalty from clients and partners alike. We are humble, but never really tire of hearing, "I love talking to this team!"