Read our latest case study to learn how we built a broker portal for an equipment leasing and financing company to improve deal flow.

Equipment Leasing and Finance Industry Broker Portal Case Study

The fast-growing equipment leasing industry has specific IT needs. Coretelligent delivers the service and solutions companies need to gain a competitive edge.

Discover streamlined collaboration, better deal management, and drive success with CoreDTS and Coretelligent.

With our extensive experience in the equipment leasing industry, strategy-forward approach, and a team of expert engineers, we worked with our clients to develop a state-of-the-art Broker Portal that integrated front and back-end software solutions and added key missing features to drive business growth.

equipment leasing software solutions and services

equipment leasing software solutions and services

Discover Transformational Technology

In this case study, you will see how our digital transformation services team worked with the client’s internal team to design a user-friendly software interface and introduce new features. You will also learn about the range of existing and new technologies, tools, and equipment leasing software platforms we integrated to ensure the project’s success.

The Result: A Game Changer

The upgraded broker portal has significantly improved the user experience, streamlined workflows, enhanced collaboration and communication, addressed integration issues for existing equipment leasing software, increased automation, reduced processing time, improved data accuracy, enhanced analytics and visualizations, and provided scalability to match the client’s business goals.

equipment leasing software solutions and services
it consulting guidance

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CoreDTS Solutions for Equipment Leasing and Finance Companies

Coretelligent offers a comprehensive technology solutions designed to solve these challenges and optimize operations within the equipment leasing industry. Coretelligent has worked with many clients in the sector to address their specific technology requirements.

Previous projects have included the following essential services:

Employee Portal

An Employee Portal streamlines internal processes by providing employees with a centralized platform for accessing vital information, managing lease agreements, and tracking customer interactions. This user-friendly portal boosts productivity and ensures seamless communication.

Broker Portal

A Broker Portal serves as a dedicated platform for brokers simplifying and enhancing the application and leasing process for brokers.

Customer Portal

A Customer Portal offers a seamless user experience for clients, allowing them to access application status, loan information, payment details, tax documents, and more.

Data Warehouse

A Data Warehouse centralizes all relevant data from various sources, making storing, analyzing, and generating insights easier. This robust solution and methodology enhance an organization’s ability to make data-driven decisions and optimize operations.

Data Integration

Data Integration services connect disparate data sources and information systems, ensuring seamless data flow across the organization. This integration improves efficiency and reduces the risk of errors resulting from manual data entry or transferring information between systems.


Microservices architecture enables the development, deployment, and scaling of individual IT infrastructure components.

API Integration

API Integration enables seamless connectivity between software systems like CRM, ERP, and others.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business Intelligence and analytics provide powerful insights and decision-support capabilities, enabling clients to identify trends, analyze customer behavior, measure performance, and more.

Cybersecurity, Third-Party Risk Management, and Compliance Solutions

Coretelligent also provides comprehensive cybersecurity, third-party risk management, and compliance solutions to ensure data and systems security.


Automate manual processes, freeing up valuable resources and reducing the risk of human error. Automation also speeds up the deal lifecycle.