Cybersecurity for RIAs

RIA Cybersecurity: Prepare for New SEC Cybersecurity Requirements (2023)

Last year the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) voted to implement new and amended SEC RIA requirements to the Advisers Act of 1940 for cybersecurity risk management for registered investment ...
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CoreDTS Mixer

Coretelligent Hosts CoreDTS Mixer at Craft Distillery

Connecting with others in the business world has the apparent benefits of expanding your network, gaining valuable insights, and sharing your business with others. But when it's done correctly, networking ...
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security vs compliance

Security vs. Compliance: Differences & Similarities (2023)

Security and compliance are often used interchangeably in IT, but that is actually a misnomer as they are not equivalent. So, just what are the differences between security vs. compliance? ...
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Data Breach Detection

Breach Detection: Could You Detect a Data Breach?

With the increasing reliance on technology in today's business world, the risk of data breaches is at an all-time high, making breach detection a crucial factor in protecting sensitive data ...
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How to Spot a Phishing Email

10 Tips to Better Spot Phishing Emails

Email phishing activity is reaching a new high, especially in the financial services sector. According to KnowBe4, the overall phish-prone percentage baseline average across all industries and size organizations was ...
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CPRA Vs CCPA? Ready for the July 2023 Deadline?

Today's businesses operate in a global landscape where data privacy and security compliance are more complex than ever. Case in point, there is a significant amount of uncertainty about the ...
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NY SHIELD Act Data Privacy Laws

The NY SHIELD Act: What You Need to Know

As data breaches increase in frequency and severity, regulators are implementing new data privacy laws to reduce consumer risk. Currently, there are no comprehensive data security or privacy laws at ...
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GDPR Requirements

GDPR Requirements: What You Need to Know (2023)

Businesses today are in a race to become more connected and technologically advanced. With more data available than ever, organizations must implement measures to protect sensitive information from cyber threats ...
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IT Priorities

7 Top IT Priorities for Executives in 2023

Over the past few years, we've seen rapid technological changes, a trend set to continue in 2023. As a C-suite leader, it is vital that you are aware of the ...
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Multi-layered Security

Multi-Layered Security: How to Improve Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Are you utilizing a multi-layered security solution? In today's escalating environment, it is not enough to just have a cybersecurity solution, instead, your company needs a robust multilayered security solution ...
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How to Avoid Increased Risk from Phishing Attacks

How to Avoid Increased Risk from Phishing Attacks After SVB Shutdown 

Reports of cybercriminals registering suspicious domains after the Silicon Valley Bank shutdown indicate potential coordinated campaigns to trick account holders and users across industries, including tech, life sciences, and investment ...
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What is Enterprise Data Governance?

What is Enterprise Data Governance? (2023)

Data is the new currency in today’s business climate, and data governance ensures that your company has a secure and organized system for managing this invaluable asset. Corporate data governance ...
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What is Governance, Risk, and Compliance?

What is Governance, Risk, and Compliance?

As a C-level executive in the financial services industry, you are constantly looking for ways to optimize your firm's operations, achieve strategic goals, and reduce risk. Governance, risk management, and ...
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Business team and digital transformation consultants talking, How to Prepare for Digital Transformation overlayed in white text with Coretelligent logo in bottom left

How to Prepare for Digital Transformation

If you read our 5 Digital Transformation Success Factors article, you already know that accepting digital transformation as a holistic change is a first step toward success. Even if the ...
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Serious person working on laptop holding papers, 5 Signs Your Business Needs Digital Transformation overlayed in white text with Coretelligent logo in bottom left

5 Signs Your Business Needs Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is no longer a luxury for businesses—it’s an absolute necessity. Organizations that fail to invest in digital technology and transform their operations risk becoming obsolete in the ever-evolving ...
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SOX Compliance Requirements

What is SOX Compliance & What are the Requirements? (2023 Update)

As cyberattacks increase and intensify, the hardening of security measures becomes even more of a necessity, as does compliance with a network of laws and regulations, including SOX compliance. What ...
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Financial Services Compliance

Financial Services Compliance: What to Know in 2023

Financial services compliance is a dynamic target with extreme consequences for non-compliance. For financial services firms, there is absolutely no room for error. Firms must remain vigilant to ensure they ...
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What you need to know about cyber insurance requirements with image of shield and technology and coretelligent logo

What Is Cyber Insurance Compliance? What You Need to Know

The average cost of a data breach in 2022 in the U.S. reached a new all-time high of $9.44 million, according to IBM. With this continued rise in cybersecurity incidents, financial ...
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What is cyber hygiene and cyber hygiene best practices?

What is Cyber Hygiene & Why is it Important? (Best Practices)

What is Cyber Hygiene? The consistent implementation of cybersecurity best practices to ensure the security and handling of your networks and critical data is what is known as cyber hygiene ...
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What is HIPAA compliance?

What is HIPAA Compliance? Laws, Rules, Regulations

Healthcare businesses face mounting regulations these days. But ask any healthcare provider, “What is HIPAA?” and they will certainly tell you it’s the most important regulation of all. But what ...
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