• Is Your Business Vulnerable to These Cybersecurity Threats?

    Protecting your business from cybercriminals has never been more challenging, and that's especially true for businesses in the financial services sector. From ATM jackpotting where attacks can be delivered directly to standalone ATM machines via physical attack and a text message to firewall breaches that leak customer information to the public, financial-based business in the US have been under increased attack the past few years. Is your financial services business vulnerable to these cybersecurity threats?
  • Data Protection Is Essential for Pharmaceutical Companies

    Protecting your organization is the primary directive for business leaders, and pharmaceutical companies have a lot to be concerned about. The risk from cybercriminals is extensive and growing, with more than 4,000 ransomware attacks happening on a daily basis, according to the FBI. This startling trend is even more frightening when you consider that even organizations as large and sophisticated as Merck & Co. can suffer a global shutdown of operations due to a security breach. See how you can protect your sensitive data and maintain secure operations with advanced cybersecurity countermeasures.
  • Cybersecurity Challenges Lurk Around Every Corner for Life Sciences Companies

    A recent ransomware attack against a Michigan healthcare billing organization reveals what some consider to be one of the biggest cybersecurity threats for health sciences companies to date: vendor partners who are unable to maintain adequate security for their operations. This data breach potentially exposed the personal, health and financial information for over 600,000 residents, according to the Michigan attorney general.
  • Why Cybersecurity is Essential for Your Law Firm

    Did you know that there's a hidden risk to your law firm, one that can rarely be seen until it’s too late? The security of your data and information systems is extremely tempting to cyberattackers who are focused on gaining illegal access to confidential business and personal information. Everything from the mobile phones used by your attorneys to the cloud-based program that you're using for file storage are potential targets for dedicated hackers. These are only a few of the reasons that dedicated and proactive cybersecurity is essential for your law firm.