• Do Your Cyber Security Professionals Know How to Detect a Data Breach?

    You hear the news about data breaches, where tens of thousands or even millions of records with personal information have been compromised. As frightening as that is, being able to quickly determine that a breach has occurred allows your technology team to leap into action and begin remediation. Are your technology professionals well enough versed in cyber security that they could detect a breach?
  • 4 Things Small Businesses Should Know about Data Backup  

    Sure, you've got data backups in place -- but are you confident that your data is completely safe and secure? Without the highest level of security possible, personally identifiable information (PII) is at risk to today's talented and motivated cyber criminals. Creating a solid data protection and backup policy is crucial, especially for businesses in the health and financial sectors. Here are 4 things that all small businesses should know about backing up your data.
  • Cyber Security Threats You Need to Know for 2019

    The past few years have been filled with cyber security threats -- from malware and ransomware to sophisticated phishing attacks against company executives. While some have fallen in prominence such as ransomware, others continue to cause problems for small to mid-size businesses in all industries. Based on trend data since 2016, here are the top threats that you can expect to see in 2019 and beyond.
  • The Complex Cyber Security Threats Faced by the Financial Services Sector

    The financial services sector is suffering from a wave of attacks from cybercriminals who view these organizations as a target-rich environment. The high potential for gain overcomes the difficulty of hacking through the additional security measures, leaving financial firms vulnerable to attack from all sides. CFOs in the financial services sector need a solid understanding of the various threats that are facing their organization and how they can mitigate the risk.